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Sunday, July 03 2022 @ 12:21 PM Mountain Standard Time

Sonic Drive In - BEWARE!!

GeeklogLocation:1300 E. Lindsey, Norman, OK 73071
Contact Phone:405-360-4244
Date and time of visit: 6/29/2013 at 21:41 CST
Reason for visit: Desert
Items ordered:
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Caramel Sundae
So, how did it go?

The Chain of Events
My purchase was in the drive-thru and I was the only vehicle in line. I was greeted properly and the employee provided their name although it could not be heard because he released the talk button in the process. I placed my order and I was provided my total. I pulled up to the window. The rest of the transaction was pretty typical until I brought up a point. That point being that the Sundaes keep getting smaller and smaller every time I visit. I stated that two visits prior the cup was full of ice cream and topped with a lot of whipped cream. The last time the cup was not as full of ice cream and only two quarter sized dapples of cream. Now this time around the cup was filled even less with ice cream and two dime sized dapples of whipped cream. The employees response? It's a corporate thing. They are trying to cut the cost of ice cream and they can now only give you three swirls of ice cream. What?? And here I am paying for full priced menu items. It appears Sonic is favoring their loosing half priced specials and putting the burden of the loss on full priced customers. Unfortunately I could not get the name of this employee because the name tag was not visible.

The Experience
Proper greeting and closure to my visit. Was extremely unhappy about the answer to my question on smaller products being served.

The Employees
All employees appeared to be dressed according to dress code. What appeared to be the manager had sagging pants.

The Grounds
The grounds did look properly maintained and there was no trash observed.

The Food Order and Accuracy
While the order was accurate it was less than adequate for being a full priced customer. Currently Sonic has half priced shakes after 8 PM which would have been a better deal in the long run. Also, one of the cups had large cracks on opposite sides and leaked causing dripping and for my hands to get sticky.

The Ratings:
  • Customer Service: A
  • Employee Presentation: A-
  • Grounds: A
  • Food Order & Accuracy: A-
The Conclusion
There was very little traffic in the drive-thru and several of their car hop spots had vehicles in them. From a consumer stand point, if there is pricing issues then give me what I pay for and expect and discontinue what appears to be a profit loss. That being your half priced shakes. Very disappointed customer who will now travel the extra mile and pay the extra fee to go to BRAUMS.



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