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Sunday, July 03 2022 @ 11:17 AM Mountain Standard Time

Sonic Drive In

GeeklogLocation:1730 W. Lindsey, Norman, OK 73069
Contact Phone:405-360-3515
Date and time of visit: 6/27/2013 at 15:38 CST
Weather:Sunny and just under 100 degrees
Reason for visit: Half Priced Drinks (2 pm - 4 pm Happy Hour)
Items ordered:
  • Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Coke
  • 2 chicken strip sandwiches

So, how did it go?

The Chain of Events
My purchase was in the drive-thru and I was the second vehicle in line. Shortly after I approached the call box I was greeted by a voice that blurted out "What can I get for you?" We will identify that employee as Vera per the name tag on the only employee that was seen wearing the drive-thru head set. I placed my order and I was provided my total. I pulled behind the vehicle in front of me and it was not long before it was my turn to pull up to the window. As I pulled up to the window an employee by the name of Jackie leaned forward. She reiterated my order, gave me my total and took payment. She then proceeded to hand me my drink, straw and my change. Half a minute later the rest of my order was then handed out and I left.

The Experience
Not one employee greeted me properly. There was no "Hi" or "Hello" or "How are you?" and at no time was "Thank you for choosing Sonic" used. There was no closure to my visit with a "Thank you" or "good bye" or a "Have a nice day". Service was quick and painless however I appeared to be just another number.

The Employees
All employees appeared to be dressed according to dress code and there was nothing about their appearance that would contribute to a dissatisfaction with my visit there that day.

The Grounds
The grounds did look properly maintained and there was no trash observed.

The Food Order and Accuracy
The chicken sandwiches were as to be expected on buns with lettuce and mayo. Even after the several minute drive to my destination the chicken was still warm however the chicken was slightly chewy and looked either over cooked or cooked in old grease due to the dark color of the breading. My drink was to be a cherry vanilla coke however it came out all cherry and no vanilla. Either that or there was so much cherry syrup that it overpowered the vanilla because the cherry was very prominent. In either case my drink order was not accurate by taste.

The Ratings:
  • Customer Service: F
  • Employee Presentation: A
  • Grounds: A
  • Food Order & Accuracy: B

The Conclusion
There was very little traffic in the drive-thru and several of their car hop spots had vehicles in them. While I understand that this is fast food, and yes it was kind of hot out, just a few extra words of politeness and gratitude can make the difference between a pleasant visit and a bad, or so-so, visit for a paying customer. In my opinion the employees at this location need some education on providing better customer service. There also needs to be some work on making drinks properly. The incorrect drink order could also be the result of a lack of communication between the employees or failure on the employees part to pay attention to what the order is supposed to be. It may be a while before I purposefully stop to eat at this location again.



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